What is artificial hedge wall?

How do you build a boxwood hedge wall? Artigwall artificial boxwood hedge tells.

artificial hedge wall_ artigwall
Artificial hedge wall in the backyard

The Artificial hedge wall has the function of decoration, adding privacy, separating space especially when COVID-19 and similar disease are with us. Therefore, our hedge wall is the perfect solution for adding a natural touch greenery to any area. For instance, Displaying them in your patio, restaurant, hotel etc.,these are truly the best way to add privacy while enhancing the natural atmosphere at any residential or commercial space.

About Artigwall

Artigwall is one of the most preferred brand by architects and homeowners. After that, it has strong strength and most of people trust and love Artigwall. In addtion, in the sales process, we received a lot of praise and feedback from buyers. They chose us, and our products changed their lives.

Details of artificial hedge wall

We design it as a long-life product. The planter box is made of 201 stainless steel, powder coated. Besides, we designed it with two drainage holes under the long side of the planter box base for automatic drainage. The original hook on the planter box has been changed into lock catch, which is more convenient for installation and disassembly. In other words, the boxwood leaves are crafted with premium virgin raw materials. The high-quality bright color, which is not easy to fade, and three-dimensional feeling, make them one of the most realistic hedges on the market. In addition, they are UV treated and fire rated perfect for any indoor or outdoor applications with maintenance-free year round greenery.

Wind-proof artificial hedge wall

What’s more, after product upgrading, we have launched windproof hedges. The spring design in the middle increases the wind proof function. The hedge can withstand max7 Beaufort (28 ~ 33 miles / h).  Available in two different series,we provide multiple sizes to fit your needs. You can also choose water bags and industrial grade 304 stainless steel casters for additional support. In addition,rubber wheels help reduce noise, facilitate movement and do not damage the floor.

windproof artificial hedge wall
Windproof artificial hedge wall

We can easily assemble the hedges in just 15 minutes. In addition, it professionally packaged with accessories, gloves and installation guide. Under normal use environment, the service life of hedge walls can reach 5 years outdoors and 20 years indoors.

COVID-19 and hedge walls

The current spread in COVID-19, whether it is home isolation, office or dining out. The hedge wall can play its function of decoration and isolation, which is an excellent choice.

covid19 artificial hedge wall

Above all, For more info welcome to visit our website at https://theartificialworld.com/ or contact us by email at service@artigwall.com.

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